Spotlight Post




Situated in Malta, Alisa Pavia always had an interest in fine arts. At first she had started by drawing celebrities she loved and moved on the creating people to draw. At the time, experimentation with a lot of different mediums were done, however pencil on textured paper was the preferred medium.

At the age of 16, Alisa enrolled in MCAST institute for Creative Arts. There she studied and explored different materials, such as wood, stone, ceramics, textiles and metal. The course lasted 2 years and after graduating, she enrolled into another. This was the Higher National Diploma Graphic Design at Mcast Institute for Creative Arts. There she learnt the basics of design, ranging from editorial to animation, she was able to identify her strengths and weaknesses when it came to design in general.

After finished the first academic term of the course she had found a job as a junior designer at an advertising agency during the summer months. She continued this job at Pure Concepts the following summer.


Alisa has entered the final year at Mcast, attending a Degree course In Graphic Design. She is focusing on her thesis and other assignments that are required to complete in the course. Currently freelancing as an illustrator, she hopes to continue what she loves. What really brings her joy is when she can communicate a message with her illustrations. This is why lately, she has taken great interest in creating scenes rather than one character illustrations, to portray movement and authenticity in each illustration.