#RiverdaleStrong [Riverdale] Episode 1x02

Welcome back to the Riverdale Reviews. Today, we will talk about episode 2 of this beloved series. Warning: Spoilers ahead! If you have not seen the show, please watch it, subscribe to this series and come back to fully enjoy the reviews without being spoilt. If you saw the show but haven’t read my first article, click here.

The corpse!

Love this scene! When Jason is on the slab getting investigated, I love how they didn’t shy away from the gruesome parts. Showrunners could have easily gone for the “Hollywood” look if you know what I mean. All pretty and fake-like.


Can we talk about the houses, please?! In Malta, we don’t seem to have a lot of these kinds of houses so I can’t comment on how close the windows are but they look so unrealistic! Can people look into each other's windows? That’s lvl1000 on the creepy scale. Can you imagine trying to sleep next to your insomniac neighbour? 

Another thing to point out but I’m sure you’ve seen it somewhere on the internet, but the scene where Archie and Betty look through the window looks too similar to Taylor Swift’s song. Maybe it’s a subtle reference?! *Illuminati*

Betty’s mum has got it going on.

Alice Cooper was written to look like the villain in earlier episodes. However, I saw her character from a different perspective on the second viewing. She isn’t an a-hole and a bully, she’s a hardworking woman who cares about her career. Sometimes that can give someone tunnel vision. However, it does not make them bad people. 

Let’s take a walk.

An interesting observation happened when I saw Archie walking with both girls in this episode. 

At the beginning of the ep, Archie was seen walking with Betty to school. Betty talked about how she still wanted to be friends with him although he didn’t have feelings for her and Archie agreed. Once Betty told him not to tell her mum they were friends again, she walked off screen, and Archie looked slightly worried. 

Later in the episode, Archie walks Veronica home, and the scene looks oddly familiar. However, Archie is more concerned this time and talking about how Betty was always there for him. Could these scenes be paralleled with each other? Especially since the walks are about the same topic and it shows the love triangle aspect from the comics. Another thing to notice would be that when Archie walked with Betty, things look hopeful. It was day time, a new start of their friendship and they were talking about how her love for him won’t change their relationship. In the evening, he spoke to Veronica in a less hopeful tone regarding his friendship with Betty.


Betty and Veronica’s friendship has taken a very realistic turn from the last episode. Certain things such as Betty’s reasoning behind accepting Veronica’s apology is very truthful, and it often happens. When a new person enrols in a school, they will go through a lot of cliques before fitting in. So Betty accepted the fact that, that could be the case with Veronica especially since they are so different as characters. 

Their fighting scene in the gym was also very realistic. Potential partners and crushes tend to drift some friendships apart, but it’s never anyone’s fault. It’s how people deal with them that makes a difference.

Speaking of Bff’s forever, the scene where Archie sings and Betty rushes out is so powerful! It’s okay not to be okay! Everyone goes through this! 


I liked this so much I might call this series like that. What do you think?!


A few accusations were thrown around in this episode and with good reason. Jughead connected the dots about Archie not meeting him the day of the murder and Cheryl’s friends indirectly asked her if she killed her brother. As well at the end of the episode, one could say that the police also accused Cheryl of the murder even though that wasn’t precisely the case. All accusations arrived from very credible evidence which is great because that means the show is making a great “Who Done it?” scenario. Sort of a Cluedo situation.

Grundy The Manipulator. 

Fake Grundy strikes again and takes advantage of little Archiekins. This storyline has increasingly shown how manipulative Grundy is. When Archie tried to confront her about evidence, he states that he doesn't know what he’s protecting. She lied to him, looked everywhere BUT his eyes and said that her feelings towards him are real. Even Jughead pointed this situation out, and in that scene, we see how young Archie really is. His naive character shines true, and we remember that these characters are going through a lot, but at the end of the day, they are still children.

Sugar Sugar.

This scene/song/everything is amazing! Firstly, we see Betty caring for Archie which is always a plus. Then we have white girl twerking which was as awkward is it sounds and then we had the awesomeness of the “Sugar Sugar” cover. 

A bit of history on the song:

The song “Sugar Sugar” was composed for the Archie animated series. The song was released in 1969 under the group “The Archies”, and it was the number one song for four weeks! That’s crazy good ratings for a fake band. 

If you never heard the original song, it’s super catchy, and here it is:

Now a few renditions came out after its popularity. However, the Archie universe had a movie released in the 80s’ that did cover for the song to make it more relevant (to the times)

Personally, I think Riverdale did a great job in modernising the song. It’s still upbeat, added some extra bits, and this is the final version:

Let me know what song you think is best in the comments below! Now if you saw the last video carefully, you might have noticed that Cheryl sings with the Pussycats in the scene, but for some reason or other, that part was cut out.

Speaking of Cheryl, was she sincere in the bedroom scene with Betty? I can’t decide! And it’s frustrating yet genius at the same time. We also see Dark Betty again in that scene. Although, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t be upset with all those questions.

Cheryl also had a compelling scene when looking at her brother. It shows her human side which has not been demonstrated before in the series. Whether she did the murder or not, that is yet to be seen. Her remorse over the reality of her brother passing hits home. “He was supposed to come back.”

Jughead Jone’s birth as a living meme


Overall the show shows a significant transition from one episode to the other. It found its voice in this episode and I love that they’re not going the teen drama route. This episode showed that they are willing to explore the world of Archie Comics in a respectful way. 

The source material is used well with the love triangle present but not overwhelming. This can be seen in the girl’s pact as well as the joke Jughead said on the football field:

“Girl trouble? YOU?!” 

Throughout all the past renditions of Archie comics, Archie never chose either girl at the end, and that could be continued in this series as well. So everyone, don’t get too attached to your ships! 

Another example of good use of source material was when Jughead FINALLY mentions burgers! 


Lastly, let’s talk about the cliffhanger for this episode. A beautiful way to end the ep and this was the exact moment I was hooked on the show. Very well played regarding wording and setting up the next episode. This episode unleashed a world of possibilities for the future of the series, and it couldn’t have happened without the end scene from this episode.

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