Riverdale Review. Episode 1x01


Relax and let's take a seat at Pop's Diner and talk about Riverdale's first episode. This post will be on what I found interesting on the show and some theories I may have thought of while rewatching this episode. This post was written after my second viewing of the show. Therefore I won't talk about Ms. Grundy and other things that got resolved very quickly on the show. Enjoy!


The episode starts out with a beautiful old Hollywood-esque scene of the twins driving to Sweetwater River. It is a beautiful scene that captures the calm before the storm. The use of colour and composition is great as well as how Cheryl talked, but Jason just nodded as opposed to replying. This visual of Jason not speaking could be an indication of what is to come in the series and how Jason Blossom does not have a say in his murder.

Archie + Ms. Grundy.

Skipping the other scenes in the episode, the most prominent story arc in this episode is not the murder, but the odd relationship between Archie and Ms.Grundy. I’ll talk about this further down. However, I would like to discuss how mad I am at Archie for believing in Ms.Grundy’s story on why they should not tell people what they heard down at the river. 

They could have easily been at the river separately that day, and I firmly believe that if they had told their story, no one would have immediately gone to the idea that Ms. Grundy had a rendezvous with her underage student. Cheryl was there at 6 am as well as the scouting children. 
In hindsight, some people might say that TOO many people were witnesses to murder without having any evidence so I would assume the police would take whatever they could get regarding witness accounts. I get that Archie is 16 on the show { Hard to believe, I know} but he has to have some common sense.

Cheerleading Scene + The Kiss.

You can clearly see the CW influence in this scene. Can’t we in this post - Glee world accept that same sex people kiss without being a big deal? But, this is the CW, and they need fire, as opposed to Veronica’s specialty ICE. However, although the CW probably had a say in that scene, I think the scene catered towards the hardcore Archie comic book fans.

Now, speaking about Veronica, this will be an unpopular opinion. However, I don’t believe that she should have stuck up for Betty in the way that she did at the cheerleading tryouts. Readers, I ask you, would you bend over backward and call yourself a “matching set” for someone you just met 5 hours prior? 

The First Glimpse At Dark Betty.

We talk about “Dark Betty” a lot in episode 3 however, rewatching this episode made me realize that a lot of people overlook the fact that Betty’s dark side shows in the first episode as well! It was a great way to introduce the problem slowly from the beginning and in doing so, any future scenes will look planned as opposed to looking like they improvised it as the show went on.
Why I Can Accept The Overwhelming Exposition.

I wouldn’t usually accept the shameless exposition they did in the first episode. From the cheerleading tryouts to the track conversation. However, the series is heavy regarding content, and our primary concern at this point is “Who Killed Jason Blossom?”. So to expect that they would introduce the character’s backstory in sections would take too long and would push back the reveal of the murder. 

Archie’s Rejection.

Obviously, the show can’t have a canon couple just yet, it’s way too soon, and viewers will end up losing interest before the show even started. 

BUT. and this is a big but!

Comics in the past have clearly shown that Archie was always very infatuated with both Betty and Veronica. So to have him reject Betty was very strange to me. I know that this will change in future episodes, but we’ll talk about that in upcoming blog posts. 

To prove this point, the first comic to feature Archie had him trying to impress Betty, the girl next door. In the show, they made it seem like he was never even interested and worked the love triangle around a new girl and a music teacher. 

Although this will change in the future, I feel like they ignored source material just to make it sexier.


I’m glad this scene happened but, does this scene remind you of “Notting Hill"? I could not help but snicker. The scene was exciting, and we see why Archie has troubles seeing Betty in a certain way. However, I would like to ask him this. 

Long best friend Betty is too perfect, but a rich starlet from New York is not? 


Overall I liked the show. I know the show will get better in time and the characters will evolve into more complex ones. I like the direction to show has taken, and I know a lot of people don’t like the show because it deviates so much from the original comics. However, the comics themselves have had some questionable crossovers and let’s not forget “Afterlife with Archie” the dark comic adaptation about a zombie apocalypse. 

I believe that the first episode was a nod towards the comics regarding how they showed the characters and visuals. I think this because I know certain things will change and will not be as over the top in the future. I remember watching the show for the first time and thinking how cartoonish Betty acted. Now I believe that that had to happen to get people used to the fact that the show derived from a classic comic series. Later on, on the show we see the acting toned down, so I feel that the process needed to be done to set it aside from the comics and let it live as it’s own series. 


The visuals of the show are stunning. From the colour schemes to the framing, Riverdale did an excellent job in explaining the story in an interesting way. 

Famous Milkshakes.

I heard somewhere that in the comics, the choice of milkshakes represented the characters. I cannot confirm this. However, I noticed that the character’s choice in milkshakes takes a similarity to their personality. Example: Betty was drinking Vanilla. It is an incredible link which I hope they keep. The little thing that connects to their personality end up being how we see them and how they portray as stereotypes. I would love to see how they use it to prove their character or how they go against the character stereotype by doing something to hint it. Example: Betty ordering a double chocolate milkshake.

Next time I’ll talk more on episode 2, and I want to do other blog posts such as how the casting choices for grownups effect the show in subliminal ways. I hope you enjoyed reading and I hope to hear from you soon Riverdale fans!