Riverdale going Paranormal?!

The idea of Sabrina the Teenage Witch being on the show came up a few times, and it baffled me as I couldn't picture both of these shows ever connecting apart from the fact that both are teen-centric shows. I looked online, and I must have missed the memo a long time ago because a lot of people were saying that Sabrina would be on the show. 

I was aware that Sabrina appeared in the comics a few times however I wasn't sure how many times she did make an appearance as people saw the crossover concept normal. After some research, I found out that Sabrina supposedly lives very close by to Riverdale in a neighbouring town. So the concept is less far fetched than it was in my head. However, the paranormal situation can still be very tricky to pull off. While reading an article on the matter, they linked a Twitter thread. The thread was asking the people who they imagined would get the role of  Sabrina and a lot of individuals mentioned Dove Cameron. 

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For those of you who don’t know who Dove Cameron is, She’s 21 years old, and she is currently starring in her show on the Disney Channel called “Liv and Maddie”. She has also appeared in shows such as “The Mentalist” playing Patrick Jane’s deceased daughter. She is a very talented young lady with a lot of acting range which she shows on her show as she plays both Liv and Maddie.

I must admit, I don’t hate the idea as much as I did before. “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, ” was before my time and I never watched it much as a child. Mostly, when I think of pop culture witches, somehow my mind goes to an older witch, the classic Samantha from “Bewitched”. 

Whatever happens with the concept and the casting, I hope that the character of Sabrina doesn't get used as an Ex-Machina for the show. When you give someone that much power, the whole concept of repercussions loses its value. However, I know that Sabrina used to get into a lot of trouble when she used witchcraft, and bad things happened as a result. So for now, it’s a waiting game.

It is a good thing to point out, however, that Sabrina could be a good character for the show as it might create all new adventures for the gang. They might go for the "Archie Mysteries." route. After all, Jason's murder is coming to a close and they might want to go for the single episodes for a while as opposed to the season focusing on one theme.

I believe the concept baffled me as I never expected "Riverdale" to go into the paranormal route. The whole premise of Archie being this traditional American show that originated from a classic comic is endearing. However, it is a good thing to point out that the "Sabrina" comics are owned by "Archie Comics."

What do you guys think? Should Sabrina be on the show? Should they go for single episodes or do you like having a theme for the whole season?

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