Update + Evaluation + Things I learnt

Due to the sheer amount of work that went into marketing the festival, these blogs have not been up to standard. However, I would like to explain my part as the head of marketing for the ICA Festival. Although I first went in, knowing nothing, marketing came very naturally to me in terms of what works and what doesn't and the analysis aspect of it. If you would like to see my work week by week, my team mates mention me quite a lot in their blogs, however I would like to discuss points that will help future marketing teams.

5 max never 8

The marketing team had a lot to do, but with 8 people there were still a few that ended up without work. This could have been avoided by selecting 4/5 people instead of 8. Make sure that you have the fastest people on the team. Don’t get the people that need explaining. The reason being that some content needed to be uploaded very fast, and even the fact that there is so much work to be done, one cannot afford to redo the work someone already did. Remember, the work done on social media and printed material will be the first thing people see. So you cannot afford to have bad kerning, leading and un centred items. Check these things carefully, people see these things instantly and by publishing these posts you’ll end up with people assuming that the school doesn’t do a good job in teaching, but in reality it’s just lack of interest from the student’s part. A problem we also faced was the fact that towards the end, laptops start to F up. Take care of your laptops and make sure at least 4 people are always present and have a laptop

Make Allies

Videos were very hard to produce for two reasons. Willing participants and booking of studio. The more friends you have the easier it will be for them to accept being filmed. Also make friends with media students. They could help with setting up the studio (IT TAKES TIME) and to book the studio as well. We hope that the videos we produced will help persuade future participants. 

Don’t assume it’s easy. 

Marketing is one of the hardest jobs. You have a brand and you have to make it simple enough so people understand it and want to invest in it. Remember, your job is to make people CARE. So you first have to care about it yourself.  Regardless of how many posts you schedule ahead of time, you’ll still end up scheduling items. Marketing never stops.

Be consistent.

Whatever you post, you need to be consistent. Everyday, 7 days a week at least 1 post a day. This is how you’ll end up on people’s timelines.

Don’t sponsor.

Sponsoring isn’t bad but make sure you have a following first and even then, pick what the sponsor. If the content is interesting, people will see it. Facebook will restrict views after the first initial sponsor so make sure you sponsor towards the end. 

Look at the numbers!

Very very important. Don’t just post whatever comes to mind. You need to look at how people are responding to it. That’s the secret to success. People were not responding to blog posts so we chucked them out. We would have wasted a lot of time writing posts that no one would ever read. This goes for videos as well. Check if the content is working but also WHEN it stops working. Facebook as analytics. From the first video we noticed that people stopped watching after the 5 second mark, watched without listening and the audience was all women. So what did we do? title at the 3 second mark instead of 5, subtitles, and we got men to be more involved with videos. Listen to the people. They are always saying something.


As for me, after assignments were over I focused a lot on marketing spending from 10 am till 9pm sometimes even longer at school to get things sorted. Overall, the marketing team did a fantastic job promoting the event. I would like to thank everyone who helped make this possible and I would like to say that because of this experience I would like to study marketing full on. #newlove

First Ever Brief!

Today I went over things that needed to be done by the content writing team and got slightly side tracked. When they were reading what they had written, I kept suggesting new articles as apposed to content for their current article. Once I noticed this, I had to leave. They were doing a good job!

I started on the brief for the Sunday Circle. They wanted to write an article on the ICA Festival so we had to give them all the information. 

ICA Festival - Sunday Circle Brief

Article tone of voice: Educational and Professional yet slightly informal to

sound inviting.

Important Notes.

Dates: Start from the 30th of June til the of 9th July.

Article Focus Point: on the change from end of year exhibition to ICA Festival.

We would like to start exposing people to the name as much as possible. “ICA

Festival” (Institute of the Creative Arts)

Timing: April - Mid June : The focus is to promote social media as people will

get further information from there.

Target: 18 - 30 year olds with a keen interest on fine art / design /

photography/ performing arts.

Rest of June: Highlight the ICA Festival activities to get people interested in

visiting and also contributing via booking workshops etc.

Target: As mentioned above we are aiming to reach individuals who are into art

and design, the idea at this point is to each as many people as possible to

generate buzz and build organic hype.


ICA Festival: A new approach will be taken towards the MCAST end of year

exhibition. The main difference is that itʼs going to be that it will be treated like

a festival instead of an exhibition. Visitors will be encouraged to participate and

engage with the work and school activities as much as possible. Various

interesting talks and workshops will be held throughout the week to educate

and inform the people about what MCAST has to offer. A few promotional

stands and various talented musicians will also be present throughout the


Website: The website will be the main information hub of the festival and will

also provide information about MCAST ICA. Through the website individuals

can book a place for workshops and other events, view various projects that

were done at MCAST ICA and also read interesting content on the blog section

related to art and design generated by the students. The blog will be targeted

towards present and future students. This would be a section that will be very

informal and would show student life at school and brings to light studentʼs

past experiences. Festival Merchandise will also be available via the website.

The website will be online from the end of April and will stay online for the next

3 years. For More information (Social Media Handles):

Instagram: @ICA Festival for behind the scenes look and live videos

Facebook: ICA Festival For constant updates on the festival.

Website: icafestival.com for official ICA information including bookings and

interesting reads.

Quick Ideas

2 Wheel Challenge

This idea was originally Philips. However, with the illustrator challenge, we create one for the performing arts. They would do improv according to the wheels. 

June Video.

we get a bunch of celebrity interview clips and cut them together so it's like they are talking about how excited they are about the festival


Similar to the celebrity video, we create a video that is so serious it would almost be a joke. However the content would be that the give history on why the "exhibition" is changing and we announce the dates. Would have diagrams and equations and all kinds of serious things. Maybe have someone in a lab coat create a complex equation and the answer would be the dates of the festival!

There's no rest for the wicked.

I'm the type of loser that thinks about work when I'm home sick. Here are ideas that I posted on the facebook group:


1. arts & crafts (the shop in mosta) sponsored. they give us products and we get students to draw with them or create something. like those cooking shows that have a "secret ingredient"

2. School ootd (summer edition) get instagram posts from students

3. Students who are killing assignment life - posts with students from instagram

4. Students Change Brief for a week


1. Artists Try Pinterest Crafts

2. Textile students try to create a dress from 1 piece of fabric

Side Notes.

we should also create a hashtag

Fundraising Events.

Event idea for fundraising: Cashmeoutside howbout dat. Outdoor activity.

Sick. 3rd March 2017.

My Facebook post informing the team that I won't be making it to school:

"Guys, I woke up sick & won't be able to make it to school today. However I would still like yesterday's post to be done, please write a post by end of day with what happened in class.
Carl & Phillip important that if you meet up with Michael, you keep me updated on that first video. We are planning on having a lot of fun things happening on social media & the website so the first video needs to 100% reflect that! we need to stick with the same visuals throughout. Tbh since the AD department are thinking of having a 30 sec video biss, how about doing it the intro for all the videos we have? sort of an opening sequence? obviously it would be the long version as we won't have a 30sec intro to our videos but it could be something to keep in mind to have it fun and engaging and excited for the videos. Keep me posted and talk constantly with me please! filkas xhin tiltaqaw ibatuli messenger." - Alisa Pavia {Facebook Post 3rd March 2017}

Planning the day ahead

After evaluating what we had done so far, I had to give everyone roles for the following days.

2nd March 2017.

Tomorrow plan.

Content Writing team:

Finalise Questions. We need these to be done tomorrow so we can test them on our students to get feedback. 

This means: 
Re-word the questions to make them perfect and fun in some cases.

Have separate sets of questions for each faculty. (Design, Media, Journalism, Photography, Preforming Arts, Interior Design, Textiles)

Tomorrow I need to:

Talk to AD to talk about what we have so far so I get approval asap for videos and blog posts we have. That way we can start blog posts as of next week. 

Visual Guys:

If I get the go ahead for the videos tomorrow, we require art posts asking for students to participate. That way we can start gathering a database. I was thinking of posting this on mcast student groups. 


Carl Tanti Philip Mercieca We will sit down with Michael tomorrow to discuss the first video. We need something solid. I'm asking them as I talked to Michael and they seem to have already discussed a few things. If anyone has an idea for a solid amazing first video to launch the festival please let us know <3

Green screen Idea

All greenscreen advert to promote the ICA Festival. 

Ideal Casting:

Andrew Tonna - Actor

Philip Mercieca - Actor

{whoever} - Director

Locations in Video:

Example: Talk about the facilities, when outdoors. Walk through walls because of greenscreen etc.

Also found this whilst scrolling:

This could be a goldmine in terms of product placement. We'll have videos that contain products in them and we can link them below! Need to look more into it

Shut up and give me all your money!

This week I had to discuss the sponsorship packages with David, Carl & Philip to get our side of the marketing sorted. This took a lot of back and forth so I left the marketing team to write the questions. After I reviewed them, I asked them to split them into course catagories. That way, we can ask more individual questions that are more related to each course. 

Next week we'll try to start scouting for students. We will meeting the other marketing students soon, we'll discuss it then.

Riverdale inspirations FTW

Inspiration is all around us, especially for our department. Lately, I have been obsessing over Riverdale and their modern interpretation on the classic comic. However, what I really enjoy, is seeing their promotions for the show. They created some really good ways to promote the show and some of the content they produce, we talked about earlier in our meetings. 

Andrea had come up with the idea of having Gifs that appeared like photos with slight elements moving. This video came up in my news feed:

I had a look at the rest of their work and this video came up which blew my mind. A 360 video that was broadcasted live! and the way they used the technology really interested me. They had the cast sit down at a round table and play "charades".

The game was shot in a relaxed manner in the sense that it was just the cast sat at a table with food and drinks etc. It made the viewer feel like they were near their favorite cast members. It was the first I've ever seen and I would love to coordinate something similar with the ICA Festival.

When pitching it to the others, the idea as that we connect this with the "360 treasure hunt" idea someone already had. This would be the perfect way to get sponsors for everything as we can show their products during the feed in a casual way.

Miryana & Andrea were fully onboard with the concept of the 360 live video which was super exciting! This got my mind to keep thinking about the idea and I thought that the concept for the video could be that:

"we can also have it like it would be each student from each course and the "answers" would be technical terms and would be shuffled. For example, the guesser is photography and they have to guess something from design" - Alisa on Facebook Group {Feb 28th}

Lynn - are you online (MSN) 🎵🎵

Something exciting happened. We can now annoy each other from home ❤️️. Although it's not as exciting as MSN, a Facebook group would do. 

Graziella created the group and added all of us to start pitching any ideas we have instantly rather than waiting for the end of the week to meet up and talk. 

I started producing a sheet with a day by day schedule of what we have to post until the festival. .

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 16.36.21.png

Facebook Group created: 25 February 2017

Life ended: 25 February 2017.

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