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Overall, My Experience

When the unit first started, I was very lost as I never took much interest in app design and when I had tried in the past, I had failed to design beautiful interfaces. So I proceeded with caution for a lot of it in the beginning. Apart from that, I had this mentality that every app excited in the world, therefore it would be very difficult for me to invent one. Which it was. It took a lot of time thinking about the concept and even after I had found what I wanted to do, it took a really long time for me to actually talk about it with other people. I don't like sharing when I learn a new thing as I feel very uncertain of my own ideas. 

Once I talked to the lecturers about it, I felt better about "TV Mate" and had no problem presenting it in front of the class once the concept was fully developed. 

Fast forwarding to the group work.

I blindly went into this group work because I genuinely LOVED the idea. However, this was very uncharacteristic of me as I am very weary of who I work with. Especially since it's my final year to create awesome projects at school. 

I am very happy with the way the application turned out and I'm super glad I got to help with the makeover. The concept was very fun however it didn't show that in the visuals. 

Working on the ICA Festival as head of marketing made me love marketing so much and I got to apply what I learnt with the festival to this application. 

Overall, the app is a success and it is good enough to go to market as is. Very proud of the team I was with and what we were able to accomplish, ahead of time regardless of other assignments.


Alisa PaviaComment