Explore 360


The idea for the website came about when we were talking about what could solidify our pitch better. Initially, the website was going to be presented in video format. That means that I would design it on Squarespace, then record the screen while I go through each section of the website.

However, we looked at the website prices, and it was something that we could afford to pay the bill between 3 people. Therefore we decided to present the real thing. 

I took some elements from past design work we did for the unit and created new ones for the sections we had never thought about before. Squarespace allows so many things on the platform that one thing lead to the other, and we finally got a fully working website. Whereas in the beginning, it was only going to be a landing page, similar to "Snapchat" Website.

The website took a proximity three days to fully finish, and after that was done, I showed it to the others and tried to pay for the domain. I procrastinated to buy the domain name, for no particular reason. I think I wanted to be sure that I could fully design the website before we committed to paying anything. I wouldn't risk someone else's money like that. 

That being said, we experienced some light "troubles" when purchasing the domain name as "www.explore360.com" was taken. Stupid redirection website.

Mr. Redd suggested we look for "www.explore360app.com" which was available!

Since we had our map and our playing cards, we thought of expanding our fictional collection a bit more. 

Travel books, tshirts, badges etc were added.

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