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Thinking Big! [ map + game]

At some point, we realised that we wouldn't show all the games and activities we wanted. Therefore we had to get creative. 

So here's the plan. We had two features that wouldn't look exactly how we wanted them. 

  1. The Map.
  2. Gaming Feature.

So easy ways to fix them would be to print them physically. The issue with the map was that it would not be branded and although it doesn't look ugly in the application, a branded version would look nice since it is a travel app.

How we did it - Map

We first started by vectorised a world map. No details were added to it as we wanted it to be very minimal. It was then placed on the brand pink colour. 

The Idea.

The map has a customisable key. What this means is that users can use the key however they want. The key has blank circles near each category and users can either mark with a marker or use stickers to get the categories colour coded. Once the users colour code the key, they can mark the countries based on the colour code they gave the category.

Explore 360 map-06.png

We liked the idea so much that we decided to create some merchandise based on the application. 

Playing Cards.

The playing cards started the merchandise mentality. We knew we would be presenting one game in the app. Therefore we had to think outside the box regarding content. Alas, the playing cards idea. 

We wanted something simple that everyone would enjoy, and we wanted something educational as well since the app features give information about the country the users are in. 

Then the idea came that we could do Charades, similar to the game Ellen has, but instead of having it digital, we'd do it as a physical item.

Constantly thinking, the deck of cards ended up being a matching game as well and after the back design was finished, it was mentioned that it could also be a puzzle for children, as the back makes up an abstracted image. 

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