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Nude Models/New Experiences

A few weeks ago, an event popped up in my Facebook suggestion section about an art meeting that was happening in Malta. It didn't interest me at the time so I kept scrolling. The same event came up again a few days ago, and out of curiosity I decided to click on it. After reading through, I knew I HAD to go to this event.


and Nude Models.

Thursday was the big day. Apart from arriving an hour late due to traffic, my excitement levels were still extremely high and I was beyond ecstatic! I hoped that our late arrival would not disrupt the other artists. To our luck, they were on a break. So we took some wine and waited for the session to start again.

The Session.

The session was split in two parts. A 30 minute pose and an hour long one. Since we had just gotten in, I used the 30 minute pose as a warm up.

Going into the session, I only took charcoal blocks with me, for the simple reason that I rarely use charcoal when drawing, and apart from experiencing something new such as live nude drawing, I wanted to practice more with a medium I do not usually use. This thinking changed during the session as I wanted to get as much detail as possible and could not get that with charcoal.

The photo shows a woman looking the other way. This was the first pose I was introduced to in the beginning of the session. The woman had very nice curves which I loved drawing. The photo also features a foot which was of the man's. The first male pose did not interest me as much, however the way the foot was placed, looked very interesting so I drew that part very roughly before the pose was changed into the 1 hour pose.

The hour session started and finally one of the models turned towards us. The male model. Before the session started, I thought that I would be more interested in drawing the female figure as I usually tend to draw females in all of my works. The male pose proved to be interesting and I took the challenge to draw him.

After creating a very rough structure of his position, I then started drawing details of the face. Later moving down to his shoulders and then the rest of his body.

The hour was not yet done so once I had finished the male, I started sketching the female. Her back was again turned towards us, but found the position interesting nonetheless as I had never drawn a person from that angle before. Since I did not need to put so much detail in the female drawing, I went in with charcoal for most of it. This made me feel a bit more comfortable with the medium so I later went in with charcoal for the male pose to darken certain areas.

Overall it was a great experience and I would love do it a lot more if the opportunity arose. There is no better way as an artist to learn how to draw people. You can look for secondary sources on the internet and books but nothing can beat really observing a real person in front of you.

Would recommend it to every artist to at least try it once. The experience made me miss drawing realistic art and it made me grow as an artist.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience with live nude models and I would love it if you would share with me your experiences or your thoughts on the subject.

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Alisa Pavia