Alisa Pavia has always been interested in drawing. Started drawing at a young age, Alisa showed interest in portrait drawings. However lately she has developed a distinct style; taking inspirations from her childhood and vintage advertising.

Her favourite medium being pencil on paper, as it allows her to feel every detail she draws which makes the drawing come to life with emotion. Although her illustrations have evolved into a digital formate, Alisa still uses pencil on paper for her initial sketches which helps with the creativity process remarkably. She then digitalises the sketch and develops the concept.

She attended Mcast Creative Arts in Malta at the age of 16, enrolling in a Design Crafts course which allowed her to experiment with other mediums such as wood, stone, ceramics and textiles. Although she rarely uses them now, she still believes that it helped her grow as an artist.

Just graduated from B.A (hons) Graphic Design and interactive media, she is now focusing on illustration as well as working on other aspects of design. In this last year, different fields were experienced. Such as, app design, marketing and entrepreneurship. 

In the last year, she was appointed Head of Marketing for the annual exhibition that is held by MCAST. This was rebranded as ICA Festival this year and she lead the marketing team to produce high quality products for online use. Her strategies and intentions were clear and powerful from the beginning and this lead the ICA Festival's Facebook page to be the most powerful it has ever been in terms of engagement and likes on the page. Marketing the ICA Festival has been a great honour and one of her best accomplishments.


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